Oaklee’s initial product release, Boots Vodka Troop Strength, is available in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Crafted from corn and sweet potatoes, and proofed to Troop Strength, it affords the vodka market a “Vodka With Traction.” Troop Strength identifies it as 90 proof, a slightly higher proof than the usual vodka product. Crafted out of respect to the martini drinker, Boots Vodka Troop Strength holds traction in traditional/classic cocktails. It is Oaklee's belief that modern filtration equipment/techniques prevent consumers from experiencing the pleasing profile of high proof ethanol. Boots Vodka Troop Strength offers the market a high proof spirit of a bygone era by way of its distillation and filtration techniques. The American Distilling Institute aptly identifies spirits like Boots Vodka Troop Strength within its "unflavored vodka with residual base" category. Vodka within this category meets all requirements of vodka production while retaining a residual profile from its agricultural base.  With an agricultural base of sweet potatoes and corn, Boots Vodka Troop Strength creates a “hybrid” flavor profile, imparting the mouthfeel typical of a potato based vodka, while also offering the subtle sweetness of corn. 

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Born of understated style, Master Bobwhite Gin provides a London Dry profile, finished to our High Dry standards of 102 proof. It is Oaklee's belief, and many mixologists, that amongst all gin styles, the traditional 'juniper forward' London Dry profile provides the most versatility in cocktail creation. Adding to its versatility, Master Bobwhite Gin is bottled at 102 proof. A spirit may be diluted in strength via mixers/water/ice, etc... during cocktail preparation, however, proof cannot be increased. We invite you to Wet Your Whistle with Master Bobwhite Gin, as its versatility will be noticed and appreciated in all gin based cocktails.




Currently in the barrel, to be released at proper age, is Oaklee's bourbon. Anticipated release of Fall 2019.